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Very cool and super helpful tool!

I love the Keyto! Its very portable and packaged nicely. Its easy to connect to my phone (Android) and easy to use. The warm up takes a while, but that's not a problem for me. Based on what I'm eating and my macro tracker, it seems to be very accurate. Its way more cost-efficient than blood checkers and I find it fun to use! Highly recommend.


Man it’s nice to have a digital monitor. I need to get keri sticks to calibrate to see if this is accurate. Sure is a lot harder to get in to keri’s is than I thought. But now that I’m here I’m gonna stay!

Easy Keyto to Keto

I love this new innovative tool to let me know when I’m in Ketosis. It is so easy to operate that I bought one for my senior mom to monitor her Ketosis as well. Being in Ketosis is the only way I can keep my diabetes under control. Thank you!

Great Product, Very Motivating

Ive been using Keyto since April and I love it! Simple, Effective, and super motivating!!!

This Keyto system is Awesome!

I’ve been up and down with weight all my life. Plus or minus 5kg. As I’ve got older it’s been so much harder to lose weight. Tried so many things but this has been incredible. Within 6 days of strictly following the meal plan and really only light exercise (4-5km walk a day), I got my Keyto rating up to 6 and have lost 2kg already. I feel great, sleep well and am not hungry at all. I also just stopped smoking which made it more surprising as I was expecting to put on weight. Highly recommend this easy to follow and actually quite a fun eating plan.

Science-based, high tech way to monitor ketosis

I have been keto; i.e., following a ketosis-based metabolism diet, for quite some time. I lost over 60 pounds and at 65 years old my health markers show me to be at elite athlete level. For me, the Keyto is just pure convenience as I have used both blood test and "Keto-Stix" (urinalysis) in the past to monitor my ketosis level. The Keyto is just fantastic. You can use it anywhere and as often as you like (the single AAA battery has a phenomenal lifespan!). This is very important to me as I carb-cycle around my fitness regimen. I like to call it 'keto-surfing' because I will dip in and out of ketosis around my workout cycles. I also do a lot of biohacking and the Keyto is just perfect for homing in on exact carb levels for supporting muscle hypertrophy while minimizing lipid storage. I just can't say enough good things about this device.

For people just starting a keto diet with the intent to lose fat, the Keyto diet protocol cannot be beat. No calorie counting, eat until satisfied, easy food labelling (colors) and just good nutrition that includes fiber and micronutrients. The diet could not be simpler and the results are nothing short of spectacular and the Keyto provides that extra incentive to stay the course and drop the weight.

Great way to keep yourself in check

It’s a super convenient way to keep track and correlate how food choices affect ketone levels. There are no consumables other than the battery which lasts a long time. Highly recommend for anyone living or trying to live a low carb lifestyle.


Honestly I can’t say enough good things. As someone who has used ketosis for weight loss and lifestyle I love the fact that it lets you know right where you are from the start of your journey on. So when you’re feeling bad in the beginning it’s easy to look at your number and see exactly where you are and it gives you motivation to keep going. The app is incredible, lots of tips and helpful information. It’s easy to use, accurate and so much cleaner than strips. The other testers that use your breath don’t test properly and do not use the proper aspects of your breath for the most accurate reading. All in all, it’s easy, convenient and accurate. What more could you ask for.

Do yourself a favor and buy this now.

There’s nothing better than instant feedback. I’ve tried many “diets” and stopped because I wasn’t sure if it was “working.” This, however, is science. If you’re eating correctly, the body will do its thing. How do you know if you’re eating correctly, Keyto will tell you. Use the pen and you’ll know instantly if you’re in ketosis and continue to test to make sure you stay there.
The app has tons of recipe ideas. It may sound corny, but it’s fun.

[Test] Key Eats Keto Adapt Pro Chocolate
Amazing product

Great taste and dissolves easily. Very refreshing and hydrating. I use a scoop every day.

Best way out there to keep up with your level of ketosis

Every morning I fire this little tool up and check my Keto level. It has really helped me track how my food choices effect my levels. I’m a fan - worth the price.

Cool Device

I use this little device a few times per day. It is bizarrely accurate - when I cheat, my levels go down; when I am vigilant, my levels are up. I don't know how I could be Keto without it. Highly recommended.

Interesting Device

Been using the device and getting acclimated with how to properly use it. Haven't exceed beyond level four Probably because of too much protein and not enough healthy high fat in my diet. Regardless still like the device and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about keto dieting.

It works and helps a lot

The Keyto has helped me a lot. I have been staying accountable with it. I have lost over 65lbs since starting this Summer.

Good, could be better

We bought two devices. They don’t have consistent scores. Results of one is always 1 level lower than the other. Don’t know which one is more accurate.

Keyto Review

The device is pretty good, it gives a fairly accurate level of ketosis however there are a few snags, likely related to early product evolution. If you blow breath at variable rates it can be off by one level. Also it takes 90 secs to stabilize and if you get distracted during this time you miss the "blow" window and then you have to wait through another stabilization period. Also the blow caps that fit on the end of the stick (4 provided with kit) lose their staying power quite quickly and you find it will fall off as you blow, then you need to reboot and go through the whole wait process once again. I find myself checking levels more when driving and am forcefully slowed down as I can maintain focus and patience. This is my main critique of the device. I feel in comparison to other devices on the market it is worthwhile if you are a serious keto person.

Keyto Review

I love my Keyto device because it is very motivating to know where you are and have indications of how to stay in ketosis. Thank you Keyto.

Helpful tool!

This is a great tool to track your progress on keto. I was using urine strips and I could never quite tell what color the stick was or how close I was to being in ketosis. Keyto gives me accurate ratings and helps me know how my body processes certain foods. It’s great!

Excellent product

Works very well

Great Device

Perfect and accurate solution for determining whether you are in ketosis. Far better than blood-testing or sticks. Simple, easy and convenient.

Keyto works great

love this thing. It gamified weight loss and made it fun. At the same time it took the guesswork out of ketosis and has automatic tracking via the app. it's great, way better than those strips for sure

Faithful Friend

My Keyto is my everyday faithful friend go to guide. I rely on Keyto to keep me informed on if I’m making good food choices as I further educate myself on keto meals. I also use the resources provided by Keyto and have been able to stay on track with my diet. I’ve been on keto for years now. With Keyto I’m better informed and this system has made it so much easier and smoother for me to stay on my diet and fitness regimen. I’m very grateful to Keyto and highly recommend it!!!

Extremely convenient and a great resource

Perfect size and functionality. It's great that I can keep an eye on my ketosis level with an exact number throughout the day. Additionally, the recipes and information with the app are easy to access to extremely useful. Highly recommended.

Good little gadget

Keyto has been very helpful for my keto journey. It’s relatively quick and so easy to do. It’s portable so you can bring it everywhere with you! The app still needs some development but over all I am a happy customer!

Tester helps in so many ways!

This ketone breath tester, doesn't just tell me if I'm in ketosis, it helps me easily identify when I get kicked out. I have been able to identify calorie/sugar-free sweetners that kick me out of ketosis as well as other foods. This has been a great help to me. Thank you Keyto!