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Easy Keyto to Keto

I love this new innovative tool to let me know when I’m in Ketosis. It is so easy to operate that I bought one for my senior mom to monitor her Ketosis as well. Being in Ketosis is the only way I can keep my diabetes under control. Thank you!

Great Product, Very Motivating

Ive been using Keyto since April and I love it! Simple, Effective, and super motivating!!!

This Keyto system is Awesome!

I’ve been up and down with weight all my life. Plus or minus 5kg. As I’ve got older it’s been so much harder to lose weight. Tried so many things but this has been incredible. Within 6 days of strictly following the meal plan and really only light exercise (4-5km walk a day), I got my Keyto rating up to 6 and have lost 2kg already. I feel great, sleep well and am not hungry at all. I also just stopped smoking which made it more surprising as I was expecting to put on weight. Highly recommend this easy to follow and actually quite a fun eating plan.

Science-based, high tech way to monitor ketosis

I have been keto; i.e., following a ketosis-based metabolism diet, for quite some time. I lost over 60 pounds and at 65 years old my health markers show me to be at elite athlete level. For me, the Keyto is just pure convenience as I have used both blood test and "Keto-Stix" (urinalysis) in the past to monitor my ketosis level. The Keyto is just fantastic. You can use it anywhere and as often as you like (the single AAA battery has a phenomenal lifespan!). This is very important to me as I carb-cycle around my fitness regimen. I like to call it 'keto-surfing' because I will dip in and out of ketosis around my workout cycles. I also do a lot of biohacking and the Keyto is just perfect for homing in on exact carb levels for supporting muscle hypertrophy while minimizing lipid storage. I just can't say enough good things about this device.

For people just starting a keto diet with the intent to lose fat, the Keyto diet protocol cannot be beat. No calorie counting, eat until satisfied, easy food labelling (colors) and just good nutrition that includes fiber and micronutrients. The diet could not be simpler and the results are nothing short of spectacular and the Keyto provides that extra incentive to stay the course and drop the weight.

Great way to keep yourself in check

It’s a super convenient way to keep track and correlate how food choices affect ketone levels. There are no consumables other than the battery which lasts a long time. Highly recommend for anyone living or trying to live a low carb lifestyle.


Honestly I can’t say enough good things. As someone who has used ketosis for weight loss and lifestyle I love the fact that it lets you know right where you are from the start of your journey on. So when you’re feeling bad in the beginning it’s easy to look at your number and see exactly where you are and it gives you motivation to keep going. The app is incredible, lots of tips and helpful information. It’s easy to use, accurate and so much cleaner than strips. The other testers that use your breath don’t test properly and do not use the proper aspects of your breath for the most accurate reading. All in all, it’s easy, convenient and accurate. What more could you ask for.

Do yourself a favor and buy this now.

There’s nothing better than instant feedback. I’ve tried many “diets” and stopped because I wasn’t sure if it was “working.” This, however, is science. If you’re eating correctly, the body will do its thing. How do you know if you’re eating correctly, Keyto will tell you. Use the pen and you’ll know instantly if you’re in ketosis and continue to test to make sure you stay there.
The app has tons of recipe ideas. It may sound corny, but it’s fun.

An Awesome thing!

This is a well thought out product....I have been carnivore for 450 days now and in deep ketosis at 8 .This is something I struggled with before the keyto breath sensor....once you learn to relax and breath are on your way.......Happy breathing🌹
I really do have to say that this is a well thought out product ....WELL WORTH THE WAIT🔥

This thing is awesome!

Knew nothing about keyto diet. The app guided me through everything I needed to get started. Feeling way more energy after a week. Glad I got this!

Great product

I have several other ways of measuring Ketones including other breath devices. This is the lightest and easiest to use of the group. And I have found the accuracy to match my blood strips on a regular basis.

Excellent Better Health Innovation Tool

Full marks to the Keyto team. Excellent updates and support. Product is professionally packaged and the device is robust and well made. Keyto App is easy to navigate and provides very helpful insights for selecting the right food diet and better health.

Fabulous motivation!

I love my Keyto! Once you get the hang of it, it is very motivating to track your keytones accurately by just breathing into the sensor. It has shown me which foods work best for my Keto journey (or not!) as well as which fasting schedules are best for me. I know I can just fire up the Keyto, blow and gauge my progress. Thank you! As an aside, the app has fabulous resources, recipes, even a week meal plan with a shopping list - love it!

Excellent product. Excellent after market service!

Yes they want to to buy their Keyto Pen, I own 2, but they don’t stop there. They want you to succeed and have amassed all kinds of help readily available to you. Take the dive, buy a pen. It tells you exactly where you are and where you need to go. You won’t regret it!

Works perfectly

Nothing much to say. Just works great and do what it has to to.
I would buy it anytime again.
Less 20 kg since i have it!

Super Easy Keto Breathalyzer

I purchased Keyto for its simplicity. I didnt want to do the keto blood tests & the keto urine strips are just not great. I used Keyto for about 2 months straight. I found it easy to use, and easy to understand. I never had any issues while using it other than having to change the battery. I think its a great tool for anyone starting out whose looking for a simple way to determine if they are in ketosis. I will continue to use mine!


I love being able to easily keep track of whether I'm in ketosis or not with the Keyto. I was using expensive blood testing strips, so limited my use of them. There's no need to with the Keyto!

Keyto Breath Sensor

Amazing product :)

My Keyto has suddenly became my new friend! So easy to monitor your keto level on the go. Easy to use and easy to understand. I am cross checking the data with some blood testing and I find it very accurate :)

Great help in figuring out which foods to eat and what to avoid

I’ve been on the Keto diet for over 2 years and have lost and kept off 40 lbs. I have never used any sort of glucose meter so knowing for sure what foods might be a trigger or hold inflammation for me has not been easy. Since using the Keyto I can see exactly what foods cause me to stay in ketosis and which foods lower me or knock me out completely. It has made staying on Keto and in ketosis much easier. It really take the guessing game away.

I'm glad I got Keyto

A great gadget to dive into keto! Makes it possible for me to "fine tune" my cheatings especially when I travel and want to try some local food. Also useful for distance running, makes it easier to find the sweet spot between glucose and fat fueling on race days. Also, weightloss and a six pack come as a bonus :)

Good motivator

I check pretty much once a day. If I slip and it tells me I'm a 1-2, I get really motivated to "fat it up," and, if I get a 5-6, I am motivated to really stay keto. In other words, the keyto works to help keep your mind supported on this way of life. I've been keto exactly one year, and seen a lot of health improverments, more NSVs that pounds, which I will take any day.

Easy to use, and works perfectly

So easy to use and so much better than pricking your finger. Great conversation starter when I take it out as well.

Amazing Product!

I love my Keyto so much. It helps me stay on track with my diet. I've already lost 27 lbs since April!

Help for maintaining nutritional ketosis

I ordered keyto because my attempts to stay in ketosis to solve my health issues were not very successfull. Strips are not very reliable, blood ketones meters are expensive, but breath analyzer is simple and trustworthy. I like simple design and possibility to connect keyto with mobile phone. Mobile application is intuitive and after first connection, which can be confusing for someone, it works fine. But results are very depended on the breath - in a way that you must breath in the same way every time for consistent results.

Generally works

60 seconds warm up time is a bit annoying and I've noticed that it is very sensitive to how you blow into it. But, it has been helpful in helping keep track of my state of ketosis.