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The Plant-Based Key Eats Program

A plant-based keto program to help you lose weight and optimize your health.

What is Key Eats?

Key Eats is a heart-healthy ketogenic program developed by experts, and used by thousands to lose weight and improve their health. The program guides you on what to eat through the Keyto Breath Sensor and Keyto App.

Food - What you'll be eating

You may not have thought it was possible to be plant-based and low carb, but it is! On Key Eats, we'll guide you to eat delicious, healthy foods that make you feel full and satisfied. The key to success is getting into a state of “ketosis” which happens when you eat healthy plant-based fats, and limit carbs and sugar.

Keyto Breath Sensor

The Breath Sensor is your secret weapon to reaching your goal. By blowing into the device, it tells you your level of ketosis. We call this your Keyto Level. Keep your level high, and you'll know you are on the track to success.

Download the free app

Get your free plant-based keto resources on the Keyto app, available here:

Get the Key Eats Food Guide

Download our free plant-based program guide.

★ Reviews

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394 reviews
Very cool and super helpful tool!

I love the Keyto! Its very portable and packaged nicely. Its easy to connect to my phone (Android) and easy to use. The warm up takes a while, but that's not a problem for me. Based on what I'm eating and my macro tracker, it seems to be very accurate. Its way more cost-efficient than blood checkers and I find it fun to use! Highly recommend.


Man it’s nice to have a digital monitor. I need to get keri sticks to calibrate to see if this is accurate. Sure is a lot harder to get in to keri’s is than I thought. But now that I’m here I’m gonna stay!

Easy Keyto to Keto

I love this new innovative tool to let me know when I’m in Ketosis. It is so easy to operate that I bought one for my senior mom to monitor her Ketosis as well. Being in Ketosis is the only way I can keep my diabetes under control. Thank you!

Great Product, Very Motivating

Ive been using Keyto since April and I love it! Simple, Effective, and super motivating!!!

This Keyto system is Awesome!

I’ve been up and down with weight all my life. Plus or minus 5kg. As I’ve got older it’s been so much harder to lose weight. Tried so many things but this has been incredible. Within 6 days of strictly following the meal plan and really only light exercise (4-5km walk a day), I got my Keyto rating up to 6 and have lost 2kg already. I feel great, sleep well and am not hungry at all. I also just stopped smoking which made it more surprising as I was expecting to put on weight. Highly recommend this easy to follow and actually quite a fun eating plan.