One breath to a new you.

Keyto analyzes your breath and tells you how much fat you’re burning.

Easy & Intuitive
Accurate & Reliable
Backed by Science
Lose Weight Naturally

Easy & Intuitive

Accurate & Reliable

Backed by Science

Lose Weight Naturally

Understand your body in just one breath.

Backed by over a decade of science, Keyto breaks down the complications of the popular keto diet into an easy-to-understand Keyto Level so you can sustain ketosis and lose weight.


How it works

Measure fat loss, accurately and effectively.

Step 1

Breathe into the device

Keyto measures the ketones in your breath.

Step 2

Check your Keyto score

Track your ketosis in real time.

Step 3

Eat the foods you love

Eat delicious foods like cheese, bacon and almonds.

Keyto Featured on CNBC

No consumables and no pain.

No painful finger pricking or gross pee sticks - KEYTO removes the invasive, inaccurate, expensive and painful barrier for tracking your ketosis.

Improve your lifestyle, improve your results.

Keyto puts you on the path towards a healthier lifestyle. By analyzing your breath, Keyto provides personalized meal plans, recipes and helpful tips in real time. 

Finally, the keyto diet is accessible and easily measurable.

Stay accountable with a supportive community

Track, compare and even compete with supportive, like-minded individuals that are improving their lives with Keyto.

A complete, pocket-sized support system.

Use Keyto absolutely anywhere stay committed to your keto lifestyle with one incredibly portable, easy to use, and TSA friendly device.

Over $1.1 Million raised with the help and support of 9081 backers!

Tracking Ketosis Isn’t New - But Our Approach is.

We've spent years perfecting the technology in order to develop Keyto, the most accurate and comprehensive ketosis support program on the market.

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